October 30, 2016 - KartSport Taranaki Round 3 Winter Series

Another promising looking day with the weather and all seemed to be going well during H1 & H2, with Thomas grabbing wins. Then the engine/carburettor gremlins appeared and the kart lacked all pace, constantly causing the engine to flood. By the end of H3, fuel was dripping from the air box! Maurice Frost attempted to rebuild the carburettor for us and we hoped it was fixed for H4. Unfortunately, the same issue appeared and after making a lead, Thomas got caught and passed again by Logan Smith. The pressure was on for the final, after some more investigation to try and find the cause of the issues. The kart was worse during H5, forcing Thomas to concede track position as the kart slowed to an almost stop! With the issue remaining in the GP, Thomas fell to fifth place and the frustration levels increased. Following the meeting the carb was sent to have a full ultrasonic clean and rebuild and the engine was shipped off to Mat at IKS Race Engines to wave his magic wand over. Hopefully this can all be sorted for the Club Champs meeting in November?

October 29, 2016 - Youth Ministock Opening Night meeting, Stratford International Speedway

After a couple of hit-outs prior to the season beginning, anticipation was high heading into the opening night race meeting at Stratford. The club had laid a new papa surface and practice had shown it needed time to bed-in, so we didn’t quite know what to expect. The first heat was from G16 and Thomas managed to get up to 6th before making an error two laps prior to the finish and getting out too wide. The lack of drive meant he dropped back to 15th at the chequered flag. We had a terrible push in the car which was adjusted out for H2 and he drove up to 6th. At the end of H2, the sky opened up and down the rain came, meaning the meeting had to be abandoned...bugger! We’ll look forward to the City of New Plymouth Classic on 9 November now. Thanks to Collingwood Traffic Management, Kiser Civil and Corson Tyres Ltd for all your support!

August 14, 2016 - KartSport Taranaki Annual Enduro Club Day

Winter had stayed away long enough to stage the Enduro meeting, which had been shifted to August so as not to clash with the Todd Energy National Schools meeting in July. Thomas was in good spirits for the meeting and this was the last time he’d run the Tony Kart Nordix as it has been sold following his National Schools win and was being delivered the very next day to Auckland. Our engine “Senna” was still in great shape and Thomas headed into the meeting looking to win the Endure for the fifth time in 6 years. He didn’t contest the Enduro in 2015 as there was no Mini ROK class at KartSport Taranaki. He took the win in H1 by 6.8s over Daniel Austin. H2 was another good win by 7.8s but H3 was a lot closer, the winning margin only 3.6s from Harris Krogh. This gave him P1 for the Enduro after the lunch break. The race got started and the rules were that the karts had to complete 50 laps. Thomas sprinted out to an early lead and pushed hard for the first spell. He pitted on lap 44 and never looked back, finishing 15s in front of 2nd placed Logan Smith at the flag. Analysis of the lap times revealed very consistent lap times which was very pleasing. With other commitments lined up, the karting programme is going to cease temporarily while we explore options. It was great to secure the Enduro trophy for a 5th time. Special thanks to Grandad Barney and Supreme Kart Supplies and Tony Kart NZ for your support, as well as IKS Race Engines, The Sign Shop and ORG Racewear.

September 25, 2016 - KartSport Taranaki Round 2 Winter Series

The weather was fine and the racing was hot, with Thomas driving Jessica’s Tony Kart after selling his Nordix. The kart was a bit large for him, but he managed to secure four wins and a third to win the day from Logan Smith. He was also able to win the GP by 3.7s over Logan as well. Thanks to Grandad Barney, Supreme Kart Supplies and Tony Kart NZ for your support, as well as IKS Race Engines, The Sign Shop and ORG Racewear.

November 27, 2016 - KartSport Taranaki Club Championships

The weather was atrocious for the Club Champs meeting, with heavy rain and a howling wind making it pretty unpleasant for the crews, not to mention the drivers. A good field of seven Vortex Mini ROK karts turned out to contest the annual trophy event. After a good showing the week before at the Goldstar meeting, Thomas was keen to win back-to-back Mini ROK Club Champion titles. The day started well from P1 winning from Logan Smith who was very fast in the wet. H2 was a start from P4 and another heat win over Logan. H3 brought another win from P6, but a setup error in H4 meant Thomas couldn’t catch Logan after starting from the rear. Thomas was off pole position in the Final and managed to hang onto another win, making him 2016 Vortex Mini ROK Club Champion. A great way to finish off his stint in Vortex Mini ROK. Special thanks to Grandad Barney and Supreme Kart Supplies and Tony Kart NZ for your support, as well as IKS Race Engines, The Sign Shop and ORG Racewear.

December 11, 2016 - Christmas at the Downs, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

The team turned up at Hampton Downs not really knowing what to expect for Thomas’s debut in the TKR BMW Mini. The format for the day was two 10 minute qualifying sessions, an 8-lap scratch race and then a 1 hour Enduro, with all classes of cars racing. A field of 38 cars, from absolute missiles in the Open class to the little 90BHP BMW Mini at the other end. Thomas was not phased by the fact he had about 400BHP less than eventual winner, Andrew Mortimer, but got into the rhythm early and drove as hard as the car would let him all day. His best qualifying time was 1:33.335 compared to the fastest of 1:10.013. The rain came down during the 8 lap scratch race, making the BMW Mini much more competitive. Thomas started the race in 37th and managed to end up in 28th after passing a few around the outside in the fast sections. It dried up in the 1-hour Enduro race, so any advantage we may have had evaporated with the water!. Undeterred, Thomo drove hard for the full hour, including a pit stop where he had to get out of the car and run a full lap around it before getting back in and heading back out on the track. The team did a great job of helping him through it all and were impressed with the pace he had despite a massive disadvantage with power (or lack of it!). The other competitors were very complimentary of his performance, and the car came home without a scratch, which is more than can be said of some of the others. The next meeting is back at Hampton Downs on 14/15 January 2017. Hopefully a new engine is to be fitted to give him a more competitive unit, so we’ll keep you updated on progress. Thanks to David John and TKR for making the debut meeting a success on many levels. Really looking forward to the next round.

November 20, 2016 - Round One 2016/17 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar Series - KartSport Taranaki

After a last-minute discovery that there was an issue with the TKR BMW Mini ECU which prevented Thomas from racing at Taupo, the team quickly prepared an old kart to contest the Goldstar Series opener at KartSport Taranaki. The weather on Saturday was pretty foul, so only one test run was had to bed-in the new ring fitted only a few days beforehand. A good field of 21 Mini ROK karts turned up from as far away as Auckland and Christchurch. With no expectations of success, but merely an opportunity to turn some competition laps for fitness and to take out some frustration we entered the meeting. H1 was a very good drive to make his way to 4th. The front runners had made some ground at the start, but Thomas only finished 3.5s behind them at the flag from the rear of the field. H2 was another great race to make his way up to 2nd, 4/10ths behind Liam Sceats. H3 was a solid drive to P5, only 2.2s off the leaders. H4 was a 6th place finish after some trouble mid-race and having to work his way back to the front. This gave P1 for the final and a race win...finally! So after the dropped points were tallied up, Thomas came away with a meeting win by 3 points over Liam Sceats (2nd) and Mason Potter (3rd) both of Auckland. A great results in a chassis that is 12 years old, 6kg of unwanted weight we couldn’t lose and a full-sized adult chassis to drive. Thomas then drove a good race in the Grand Prix with a kart that was going off very quickly and managed to hang on to 3rd spot, another podium! The team went home pretty proud of itself.

With Club Champs a week away, we are optimistic that we can be competitive at least, so will do some more work and try to get rid of excess weight from the kart. Thanks to Mat Kinsman of IKS Race Engines for the fresh and fast engine, The Sign Shop and ORG Racewear for all your support. Thanks also to Grandad Barney for heading down to Todd Energy Raceway again to support Thomas and cheers to Supreme Kart Supplies and Tony Kart NZ for your support as well.

December 26, 2016 - Youth Ministock Boxing Day meeting, Stratford International Speedway

Following a long time since running the Ministock, due to poor weather, Thomas was keen to do well tonight. The car was ready to go and the weather looked OK. H1 was a good opening race from near the rear of field and a solid 7th. The car seemed a bit flat however, but everything looked OK? H2 started well and Thomas worked his way to 3rd, but the car was starting to overheat. With one lap to go there was a red light. Thomas had the good sense to pull the car into the infield as the temperature had skyrocketed. In the pits, the thermostat was removed and the temperature returned to normal. The car was very flat in H3, but still maintained a solid P5. On closer inspection back in the workshop, it was found the carb had leaned right out due to an internal issue and the rings were damaged, hence no power! A top-end rebuild and some big-end bearings, followed by a dyno tune saw the engine power return to normal, success! Now we need to wait until 20 January to test the car again. Thanks again to Collingwood Traffic Management, Corson Tyres, Donna and Grandad Barney for the support.

January 14 and 15, 2017 - Tasman Revival Meeting, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

Thomas spent the week in Auckland prior to this meeting and Grandad Barney took him for some testing with TKR on Thursday to ensure the trouble we had encountered with lack of performance was fixed. The car appeared to be quite fast and Thomas was settled with the way it drove, ready for official testing on Friday. Once again, the car looked good and Thomas was ready for Saturday qualifying. The weather on Saturday was very hot, making it a challenge to stay hydrated. There were 29 cars in Thomas’s group, so he had his work cut-out! Amazingly, he qualified the little TKR BMW Mini, with its 1600cc engine in 14th position! An outstanding effort in a tough class, so the team was very pleased, as was the driver! Race 1 was a good showing, with Thomas holding on to 15th at the end, which was stunning to watch. He drove with real maturity and strength, although the cabin temperature took a lot out of him. A well-deserved swim at Mel and Craig Tonkin’s place followed and a nice early night. The team was still fizzing after the Saturday effort, so hopes were high of another great day. Thomas did not disappoint, starting H2 from 10th and a rather odd handicap, meant he was swamped by cars in the latter stage of the race, pushing him down to 21st. David John sat him down to devise a new strategy for the final race and what happened next was nothing short of amazing. With 2 laps to go, Thomas was in 4th place but the faster cars were coming! At the tape, he ended up in 12th spot, way ahead of much faster cars. The team was ecstatic over the result. So many well-wishers and drivers came up to Thomas to congratulate him on a stunning drive, it was awesome to see. Even the Clerk of the Course came over to say “Well Done” to the pilot. Very happy, the team is now focussed on Taupo on 3, 4, 5 February. Bring it on! Special thanks to Grandad Barney and David John, Auto City, Chooks Trailers, Deli NZ, Pure NZ, Collingwood Traffic Management, and all our supporters.

January 20, 2017 - Youth Ministock Club meeting, Stratford International Speedway

After an engine rebuild following the Boxing Day meeting, and a stint on the dyno, Thomas was hoping for a great night at the Speedway. The car was fresh, driver was keen so we fronted up in anticipation of a good night. An extra race had been given to the Youth Ministock drivers...a bonus! H1 was a good race from near the rear of field, until a red light incident meant Thomas didn’t stop quick enough to satisfy the officials. For this, he got put on the infield. H2 was good, from P12 Thomas managed to get to 6th. H3 was a pole start and the whole field only got 2 laps completed before a red flag called a halt to the race early, so a P2 was earned. The final race saw Thomas on 17 and some work to do. The recently rebuilt engine was fast and he was making great progress through the field until very (and I mean VERY) slight contact with another car brought on the red lights again and another trip to the infield. This was getting beyond a joke, so a discussion with the class rep and officials was held, but no result! Very, very disappointing. So, the car was packed up and we headed for home. Thank you to Collingwood Traffic Management, Corson Tyres, Donna and Grandad Barney for the support.

Older news still...

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February 21, 2016 - KartSport Taranaki Club Day

After a good night at Stratford in the Collingwood Motorsport Ministock, Thomas lined up with three other drivers to contest the Supreme Kart Supplies Summer Series at Todd Energy Raceway. A decision was made to use our older engine for club day, to preserve “Scotty” (named after Thomas’s idol, Scott Dixon) for the Nationals in four weeks. The event was a great test day to sort some additional setup ideas. A beautiful sunny day for karting and Thomas secured six wins from six starts. After some analysis, all the changes made were not as fruitful as hoped, although some jetting changes netted some good learning. The next meeting in the kart is Goldstar at Wellington on March 6. Thomas is currently 3rd in the Goldstar Series by one point, so the team is hoping for a good result.

March 6, 2016 - Round Three, Bayley's WPKA Goldstar Series - KartSport Wellington

Another round of Goldstar rolled around and a trip to Wellington to do battle with our regular competitors. The weather was looking good for the weekend and the testing on Saturday was useful to glean as much speed out of the kart. Thomas was still suffering from a head-cold and wasn’t feeling too flash. Happy enough, we packed up and headed to the Upper Hutt Cossie Club for a great meal. A fine day greeted us at Kaitoke, and the tuning run provided a chance to test some final setup combinations. Thomas was handed grid draws of 9, 16, 8 and 1 so set to work. Heat 1 was OK, but the kart lacked pace and resulted in only a 6th place finish. H2 was much better and a great drive to bring the kart home in 2nd. H3 was another good race, with a 3rd place secured. Starting H4 on pole position should have retuned a good result. However, this was to all be undone with 1 lap to run when Thomas was attacked by a driver who has plenty of speed, but no ability. While attempting to make a pass on Thomas, which was never going to work, he drove up and over the engine, causing it to stop and ruining the race for us. As usual, the officials saw nothing so we were left with having to drop a 15th instead of the 6th we were hoping for. Very frustrating, as the points were critical! This meant a start from P5 for the Final, which Thomas won in a nail-biting finish. In the Grand Prix, Thomas drove another great race and won this as well. So what started off as an average start to the meeting, ended up being a pretty good result, 3rd overall. This meeting elevates Thomas to 2nd overall in the Goldstar Series, with Jackson Rooney amassing an unassailable lead. However, Thomas now leads the GP Series by 3 points, so we are hopeful for a repeat of his success in the GP Series when in Cadets. Next up is Rd 2 of the Taranaki Summer Series, and then more “dirt-time” in the Ministock. Thanks to Donna, Grandad Barney and our usual sponsors, The Sign Shop, Supreme Kart Supplies, Tony Kart NZ, IKS Race Engines and ORG Racewear. Thanks to Maurice Frost also for the setup expertise to help us improve over the weekend.

March 20, 2016 - KartSport Taranaki Club Day

The weather was fine and dry. Two Mini ROK karts and one JR driver turned up to race. In H1 the kart was good and Thomas was first by 6.7s. A couple of changes were made and another 1st place in H2...by a closer margin of 4.4s. The kart looked good and Thomas was driving well. H3 produced another win, but the margin was only 3/10ths of a second. H4 was another win by 3.4s and more speed had been found. Things were going well during the Final until in lap 7 the engine faltered and slowed by 3s, allowing the kart in second to catch and pass Thomas. This resulted in a 2nd place but an event win for the day. Then the same thing happened in the GP, resulting in a 2nd placing again. A bit frustrating, as the engines are both very fresh. With the Nationals less than a week away, some investigation into the issues is urgently needed. A very special thanks to Grandad Barney for making the trip to New Plymouth.

March 24 - 26, 2016 Giltrap Group 2016 KartSport NZ Sprint Championships, KartSport Hamilton

The team did not have the benefit of some solid testing leading into the Nationals. One of the engines, Scotty, needed a last-minute rebuild after a serious issue was discovered after Club day the weekend before….very frustrating, considering the engine had only just been rebuilt due to a failure at club day the weekend before. It would appear our bad luck with engines has returned! However, we got set up in the marquee and hit the track on Wednesday afternoon to get some practice laps in. The kart was OK, with time needed on the #2 engine. Thursday was a day of rain so no testing was completed until the last run of the day and the kart looked very fast. During Q1 on Friday the kart was fast and Thomas did a great job of gaining good track position and qualified 3rd fastest. Q2 was not so good, getting stuck behind a group of slower karts, effectively ruining his session. Luckily, it only cost him two places, finishing up in P5 for the heats on Saturday. Saturdays racing was in dry conditions. Unfortunately, Thomas was the victim of a crash in turn 6 and this brought a DNF, which was less than ideal and a 27th place. H2 was frustrating as the kart lacked pace and Thomas drifted from 5th to 11th at the end of the race. After lunch and some more changes, Thomas had to start the Pre-final in P19 which meant a load of work to do! The kart was still not great, with Thomas making it up to 13th before drifting back to finish 16th. More changes to try and get more out of the kart which improved it slightly, with Thomas eventually ending up in 9th after a committed charge. Whilst disappointed that we could not get to the podium, the team is proud of its efforts. We’d like to mention some key people who continue to support the team in so many ways:

Grandad Barney thanks for everything you do

Craig, Melanie and Blake Tonkin...thanks for having us to stay at your place, it was awesome, thank you!

Donna...your support is vital to keep Thomas focussed when things aren’t going well

Maurice Frost, Kane Frost and Tony Kart NZ for always offering advice and encouragement and for rebuilding the engine at very short notice

IKS Race Engines for the great powerplants

Lindsay at The Sign Shop...thanks to you and the team at The Sign Shop

July 16, 2016 - Todd Energy KartSport NZ National Schools Championships, KartSport Taranaki

“We are optimistic of a good showing at KartSport Taranaki in 5 weeks for the National Schools event”.that is what I wrote last month after the Bayleys WPKA Goldstar event. This statement came good during the Todd Energy National Schools event. Right from the tuning run Thomas was keen to stamp his authority on the meeting. He was given grid draws of 19, 10, 15 and 5. Heat 1 was a cracking race, with great pace and passing commitment shown. Thomas worked his way through the entire field and into 1st place by the 12th lap, but was unfortunately turned around at turn 2 with only 1/4 of a lap to go and ended up back in 19th...that wasn’t the plan! He was fastest on track during the heat, so now it was time to dig deeper. H2 was a great race but Thomas had to concede the win to Jackson Rooney. H3 was awesome with Thomas securing the win and the second-fastest lap time by a mere 4/100ths of a second. Following the lunch break Thomas recorded another race win in H4, this time by over 4s from second place, and another fastest lap time. These results meant a start from P3 for the 5th heat and this brought a great battle with William Exton which saw Thomas pass Willy in turn 4 and hang on for the race and Championship win and another fastest lap time. Wow...what a display of driving! Thomas was awarded his “NS” plate and trophies at the prizegiving and the whole team was very proud of his efforts.

As always, there are a number of people to thank…..

Grandad Barney Davis is his #1 fan and supporter, thanks to him for everything he does

Donna, Jessica and Hannah deserve huge thanks also for being so encouraging and supportive

Mat Kinsman and Freya O'Hanlon from International Kart Supplies and IKS Race Engines for building our awesome engine “Scotty” (named after Scott Dixon)

Maurice and Kane Frost from Supreme Kart Supplies and Tony Kart NZ for all the help, advice, assistance and for the great 30mm Tony Kart Nordix chassis

Thanks also to Jared & Liam Lawson for the advice at every kart meeting

Thank you to Lindsay Herbert at The Sign Shop and Jason Anderson at ORG Racewear for the great karting gear over the years. We also want to acknowledge Plant & Platform Consultants for their support from 2010 to 2015, as well as Hydraulink for their support for two years also.

June 5, 2016 - Championship Round, Bayley's WPKA Goldstar Series - KartSport Taranaki

The series is done-and-dusted, so this was a chance to forget the points and go as fast as possible. With the Todd Energy 2016 National Schools coming up in July, we wanted to make sure all was well with engines etc. There was no real chance of winning the NZ ROK Cup, the points difference too great….so no pressure. Thomas was given grids of 2, 5, 12 and 15 for the four heats. H1 was a good race, Thomas driving well but having to succumb to Jackson Rooney by 3/10ths of a second, but still setting the fastest lap time...just a fraction above his current track record. H2 was another good race....but Rooney beat Thomas across the stripe again, by 1/10th this time. Both drivers were 3/1000th of a second apart in speed! Thomas won H3 from 12th spot, again him and Rooney the difference being 5/100ths of a second. H4 went to Jackson again, Thomas was held up mid-race and couldn’t get far enough up to the front. His points for the day put him on P1 for the final which was another cracker of a heat, Thomas winning by 3s over Rooney. After the points drops, Jackson was the deserved winner by 1 point over Thomas. The GP was a fantastic race again between the two drivers, Rooney coming out ahead, but Thomas lowered the track record to 30.466s in a day that saw five track records fall across five classes. Pretty happy with the speed of the kart and driver, we are optimistic of a good showing at KartSport Taranaki in 5 weeks for the National Schools event. We’d like to thank Grandad Barney, Maurice at Supreme Kart Supplies, IKS Race Engines, The Sign Shop and ORG Racewear for all your support…..thanks everyone!

April 9 and 16, 2016 - Youth Ministock meetings, Stratford International Speedway

With two Ministock meetings two weeks apart, Thomas was keen to try and get the “rookie” flag removed from the back of the car. His progress to date has been great, with some great driving and learning about how to drive on a loose surface. The meeting on April 9 was three races from the rear of the field (25 cars) which netted a 10th, 5th and a 6th placing which was excellent. The Collingwood Motorsport Ministock performed brilliantly and every race we learned a bit more.

The final meeting of the season was held on 16 April and Thomas was rapt when the mentoring manager at the track advised that he had proven his capability early and they were willing to let him run with grid draws! He drew P16, P1 and P28...so the challenge was to see if he could secure his first race win from H2. H1 was a great result, coming from 16 to 4th. Full of confidence, things were looking good in H2 with Thomas leading for 9 of the 10 laps before making a slight error of judgement and getting himself between two lapped cars on the last lap. This delayed his speed, allowing the car behind to sneak past and pip him for the race win. Talk about kicking himself! The next heat was a disaster, with a turn 2 incident in front of him leaving no room to get by and ending the race due to a bent bumper corner! Disappointing, but very encouraging season, with 5 events under his belt and a lot of learning done, we are optimistic that next season should bring some great results. Special thanks to Roydon, Marsha, Larissa and Chris Collingwood for the opportunity to drive this great little car, and we’re looking forward to bringing it back out for the 2016/17 season and the chance to travel around and try new tracks as well.

May 1, 2016 - Round Four, Bayley's WPKA Goldstar Series - KartSport Hawke’s Bay

The final round of Goldstar in Hawke’s Bay meant we had to finish right behind series leader, Jackson Rooney. The challenge was set and after a long drive to Hastings we were ready to go. The weather was good for the Sunday racing and Saturday had brought some good testing results and speed (finally!). The tuning run was good, with Thomas squeezing real speed out of the kart. Thomas drew grid draws of 10, 2, 11 and 5. Heat 1 was great, getting to the front within the first lap and chasing William Exton and Rooney, finishing 3rd. H2 was much better and a great drive to win the heat. H3 was another good race, with a last-minute pass to finish 2nd. Starting H4 from 5 meant a good start, but hard-charging Rooney and Exton meant 3rd was as high as he could get. This meant a start from P3 for the Final, which meant Thomas and Exton were tied on points for the day and the Series 2nd position. Thomas had to finish 1 point in front of William to secure second place. Things were going well until the last corner where Thomas didn’t cover enough, allowing Willie to sneak through and gifting him the 2nd place trophy and 2nd place in the Goldstar series. Bitterly disappointing, but that’s life. In the Grand Prix, Thomas drove another great race from P9 to 2nd behind Rooney and setting the fastest lap of the race with a 35.620. This meant Thomas becomes the 2016 Goldstar GP Series Champion which is pretty special, as he won this title in Cadet also. Thanks to Grandad Barney for driving all the way to Hastings and our sponsors, The Sign Shop, Supreme Kart Supplies, Tony Kart NZ, IKS Race Engines and ORG Racewear. Thanks also to Maurice Frost for your setup expertise over the weekend.

May 21 and 22, 2016 - Speedsport Formula First Scholarship - Sabre Motorsport, Manfeild

With Thomas really enjoying the foray into dirt racing, he decided to have a crack at some entry-level circuit racing. After observing the success of Liam Lawson during his year with Sabre Motorsport and with Liam winning “Rookie of the Year” for the category, Thomas felt he was ready to attempt to win the scholarship offered by Sabre Motorsport. With no real expectations, apart from some additional experience in another vehicle, we drove to Palmerston North to and lined up alongside some very worthy opposition. Thomas asserted himself well in the car, which had to be modified so he could reach the pedals! The weather was a bit hit-and-miss, with rain and some dry patches as well. The Saturday session consisted of two practice sessions and then two judged sessions to evaluate who would be taken through into the Finals Day. Thomas drove well and was fortunate to be considered for Day 2...we had crossed the first hurdle!

The weather again was a bit unpredictable, making parity between runs and drivers quite a challenge. However, Thomas again drove well and was judged highly for his efforts. Feedback from the judges was really positive, they were all impressed with his level of maturity for a 12 year-old. The net result was that Thomas was named as “Runner-Up” in the Scholarship, with the win going to Dylan Smith of Auckland. We’d like to thank Dennis Martin and the Sabre Motorsport Team for their encouragement and support over the weekend and we wish Dylan well for the Winter Series and then the 2016/17 Formula First Championship.

December 26, 2017 - Youth Ministock Club meeting, Stratford International SpeedwayAfter what seemed like an eternity since racing the Collingwood Traffic Management ministock, the Boxing Day meeting rolled around. After some really good preparation the whole night turned out to be a disaster, with heavy rain ruining the night’s racing. Such a disappointment to have had to wait so long between meetings, and then take the car home clean! Next event is 13 January!