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Grandad Barney Davis - Supporters Club Sponsor

The race team is supported on and off the track(s) by Bryan “Barney” Davis (Grandad Barney). Barney is fundamental to the team and helps with kart setting up, planning and any maintenance and/or upgrading of equipment as required. Barney is a retired construction project manager and Master Builder who lives in New Plymouth. To date, he has only missed a handful of race meetings with the team around the country and overseas since 2009! He is credited with construction of the team kart trailer used to transport equipment around to race. Barney sold his own Rotax kart, as it was spending more time in the garage collecting dust rather than being driven in anger! He still drives a Ford, but we’re trying to get him to see sense!

Grandad has been assisting with the Touring Car testing programme by taking Thomas to test sessions when Robert and Donna are unable to attend. He is also Grandad “Uber”, taking Thomas to appointments with partners and other supporters.

Donna Boniface - Team Boss Mk2 / Data lady

Donna undertakes many functions which are important to the team. She is in charge of cleaning of race apparel, feeding the crew on race day, driver attitude adjustments and making sure the things that can go wrong in getting to the track, don’t go wrong! Whilst only having been in a kart once on a practice day and on the Taranaki Xmas Fun Day in 2012, Donna has indicated that she “could get hooked on karting” so maybe the plan in future is to keep the keys hidden at all times?! She is also the only family member who can boast being able to get the Jet-Ski up to 110km/hr!

A degree qualified specialist teacher, Donna works with children who have severe learning disabilities (Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia etc), undertakes some script-writing and direction of advertisements and is a full-time mum and taxi-driver for the children. Somewhere in her busy schedule, she finds time for herself (about 5 minutes a week, after 11pm at night!). It’s also not uncommon to see her pull on gumboots for the day doing farm chores at home. She recently completed her studies toward a Masters of Education.

Donna has been working on trying to form a singing trio/group aimed at providing entertainment for corporate functions etc...so watch this space! She has already cut one CD and is keen to get back into the recording studio when not at the track or the hockey turf!

Jessica’s Tony Kart at club day

Thomas Boniface - TBR Formula Ford (#67) and Clubsport 120 kart (#67)

Thomas turns 16 in January 2020 and is a Yr11 student at New Plymouth Boys’ High School. His first kart was purchased from Podjursky Racing and he began competing in the Cadet Raket class in September 2010. All the success achieved in the Cadet class was while driving Kiwi Kart chassis #196. After four years as a Cadet, he moved up to the Vortex Mini ROK class, initially driving a Sodi Nordica chassis for the Sodi NZ Racing Team. After a year of this, he switched to his National Schools-winning Tony Kart Nordix chassis supplied by Supreme Kart Supplies. Since moving up from Vortex Mini ROK, Thomas has been driving a Tony Kart Psylo in the Rotax Max Junior class. He is a passionate motorsport enthusiast, has played rugby, plays piano, enjoys Jet-skiing, Playstation, fishing, riding his trail bike and other outdoor activities. He has raced at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (California), Blyton Park Driving Centre (England), Oakleigh Go Kart Club (Melbourne), KartSport Auckland, Pukekohe Park Raceway, Mt. Wellington, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty, Eastern Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, Taranaki, Stratford Speedway, Hawkes Bay, Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon, Manawatu, Wellington, Blenheim, Christchurch and Dunedin tracks so far. Thomas has achieved the following results (National or significant results in green):

· 2 x race wins, 1 x 2nd placing and Round winner at Rd2 NZ Formula Ford Championship, Manfeild

· Winner of NZ Formula First 1Hr Enduro, first ever dual driving combination to win this race

· 3rd placed graduate of NZ Motorsport Elite Academy at Dunedin, July 2019

· 1 x 3rd placing and 3rd overall for the round at Rd3 NZ Formula First Championship, Hampton Downs

· 1 x race win, 3rd placing and 2nd overall for the round at Rd2 NZ Formula First Championship, Pukekohe

· Graduate of Allen Berg Racing Schools driving programme, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, USA 21 July 2017

· Vice-Rookie title and 7th overall in 2018/19 NZ Formula First Championship

· 6 x Pole positions and 9 x Podium finishes in FAE Formula First Winter Series at Manfeild

· Rookie title and 2nd overall in 2018 FAE Formula First Winter Series at Manfeild

· Yr 9 Junior Sportsman of the Year at New Plymouth Boys’ High School (Brad Bennett trophy)

· Finalist at 2017 Ginetta Junior Scholarship, Blyton Park Driving Centre, Gainsborough, England, 25 October 2017

· Most Improved Driver at Rd2 NZ Formula First Championship, Pukekohe

· Touring Car Race win at Rd3 BMW Race Driver Series Event, Taupo Motorsport Park 2017

· Touring Car Race win, 2nd in Race 3 at Rd1 BMW Race Driver Series Event, Hampton Downs 2017. 2nd overall

· 2016 KartSport New Zealand Schools Vortex Mini ROK Champion, KartSport Taranaki 16 July 2016

· Team Kiwi Racing Development Academy Driver for 2016/17 and 2017/18, driving a BMW Mini Cooper S

· Runner-up at 2016 Speedsport Scholarship (Formula First), Manfeild Raceway 22 May 2016

· 2014 New Zealand Cadet Champion, KartSport Marlborough 19 April 2014

· 2013 CIK Trophy of New Zealand Cadet Champion, KartSport Wellington 27 January 2013

· 2013 KartSport New Zealand Schools Cadet Champion, KartSport Canterbury 21 July 2013

· Nominated for Taranaki Junior Sportsman of the Year 2017

· Event 1 Cadet Champion (Final winner) Victoria Top Guns at Oakleigh, Melbourne on 17/18 January 2014

· 2014 International Kart Supplies 3-Way Series Cadet Champion, KartSport Mt. Wellington 31 August 2014

· 2nd KartSport New Zealand Cadet Raket Schools Championships, KartSport Manawatu 12 July 2014

· 2nd KartSport New Zealand Cadet ROK Schools Championships, KartSport Manawatu 13 July 2014

· 3rd on track in Final at 2014 Victoria Open State Championships at Oakleigh, 9 March 2014

· 5th overall Victoria Top Guns at Oakleigh, Melbourne 17/18 January 2014

· 3NZ at 2013 KartSport New Zealand Sprint Championships, KartSport Wellington 29 March 2013

· 2015/16 WPKA Goldstar Grand Prix Series Vortex Mini ROK Champion

· 2012/13 WPKA Goldstar Grand Prix Series Cadet Champion

· KartSport Taranaki Cadet Club Champion 2013 and 2014

· KartSport Taranaki Vortex Mini ROK Club Champion 2015 and 2016

· KartSport Taranaki Rotax Max Junior Club Champion 2017 and 2018

· KartSport Taranaki ClubSport 120 Club Champion 2019

· KartSport Taranaki Summer Series Champion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018

· KartSport Taranaki Winter Series Champion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018

· KartSport Taranaki Grand Prix Champion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018

· KartSport Taranaki Enduro Champion 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017

· 2011 KartSport Taranaki Most Improved Cadet Driver

· 1st WPKA Goldstar Series Round 1 at KartSport Taranaki November 2016

· 1st WPKA Goldstar Series Grand Prix at KartSport Hawkes Bay March 2013

· 1st WPKA Goldstar Series Round 4 at KartSport Wellington May 2013

· 1st WPKA Goldstar Series Championship Round at KartSport Manawatu June 2014

· 1st WPKA Goldstar Series Championship Round at KartSport Taranaki June 2013

· Qualified for 2016 Youth Ministock Spectacular on debut, Stratford Speedway 30 January 2016

· Current holder of three track records at Todd Energy Raceway

· 2nd International Kart Supplies 3-Way Series, KartSport Mt. Wellington 2015

· 2nd 2013 Trans Tasman Twilight Challenge at KartSport Manawatu in February 2013

· 2nd 2012/13 Supreme Kart Supplies WPKA Goldstar Series

· 2nd 2012 KartSport Taranaki Cadet Club Championship

· 2nd 2012 KartSport Rotorua Cadet Club Championship

· 2nd 2015/16 WPKA Goldstar Series round 2 at KartSport Manawatu in December 2015

· 2nd 2012/13 WPKA Goldstar Series round 2 at KartSport Taranaki in December 2012

· 2nd 2012/13 WPKA Goldstar Series round 1 Grand Prix at KartSport Manawatu, November 2012

· 2nd 2011/12 WPKA Goldstar Series round 3 at KartSport Hawkes Bay in March 2012

· 2nd 2011/12 WPKA Goldstar Series round 4 at KartSport Wellington in May 2012

· 2nd 2011/2012 KartSport Taranaki Cadet Summer Series

· 2nd 2010/2011 KartSport Taranaki Cadet Grand Prix Series

· 3rd 2013 Top Half Series Round 1 at KartSport Mt. Wellington

· 3rd 2013 46th Annual KartSport Hawkes Bay Blossom event

· 3rd 2012 Top Half Series final round at KartSport Mt. Wellington

· 4th 2012 North Island Sprint Championships, KartSport Taranaki

Finally got a chance to meet Scott Dixon at the Leadfoot Festival, Hahei 2016

The NZ Kart Championship trophies and plate, Blenheim 2014...now signed by Scott Dixon

Leading the field at Victoria Open

Melbourne, 2014

Jessica Boniface - Team Supporter

Jessica turned 21 in March but no longer competes in KartSport competition. She started racing in a Junior Restricted (JR) kart in August 2009. Jess is studying Political Science at Victoria University and completed a “Gap Year” at Felsted Preparatory School in the UK in 2017. She enjoys singing, playing piano and trumpet, and has represented Taranaki at Hockey. In 2016 she was appointed as the Youth MP for New Plymouth alongside Jonathan Young MP and spent a year part-time at Parliament. Jessica is a determined person, who sets herself very high personal goals. Jess has won many singing competitions, sings with Midlife Crisis at functions and has received numerous music-related excellence awards at New Plymouth Girls’ High School. Before going to the UK, she played for the Devon Hotel NP Brass Band and school concert bands. She was awarded the “Most Improved Brass Player” trophy by NP Brass and Most Improved Hockey player for Northern Taranaki. Jessica completed the 2010/11 Supreme Kart Supplies WPKA Goldstar Series which included racing at Wellington, Manawatu, Taranaki and Hawkes Bay. Jessica has also raced at the KartSport Hamilton track and has achieved the following results:

· Set fastest lap time in Race 1 at 2010 Kaitoke (Wellington) Supreme Kart Supplies WPKA Goldstar Series event

· 2013 “Tried But Not won” trophy

· 2nd at the KartSport Taranaki June 2011 50 Lap Enduro

· 2nd at the KartSport Taranaki November 2012 Grand Prix

· 2nd in the KartSport Taranaki 2010/2011 Junior Restricted Grand Prix Series

· 3rd in the KartSport Taranaki 2009/2010 Junior Restricted Summer Series

· 3rd in the KartSport Taranaki 2009/2010 Junior Restricted Grand Prix Series

· 4th at the KartSport Taranaki June 2012 50 Lap Enduro

· 4th in the KartSport Taranaki 2009/2010 Junior Restricted Grand Prix Series

· 4th in the KartSport Taranaki 2010/2011 Junior Restricted Summer Series

· 4th in the KartSport Taranaki 2011 Junior Restricted Winter Series

· 4th at KartSport Taranaki 2011/2012 Junior Restricted Club Champs

· 6th in the KartSport Taranaki Junior Restricted 2010 Winter Series

· 8th equal in the 2010/11 Supreme Kart Supplies WPKA Goldstar Series Junior Restricted Grand Prix Series

· 11th in the 2010/11 Supreme Kart Supplies WPKA Goldstar Series Junior Restricted Series

Robert Boniface - Team Boss

Team Boniface Racing is based in Egmont Village, New Plymouth. Robert is the team manager and chief “spanner spinner”. After a 20 year career as an automotive engineer and workshop owner/operator, Robert retrained as a Civil Engineer. After a long time in the automotive industry, Robert is still very passionate about all things with wheels and engines. An avid motorsport follower and competitor, he has competed with success in NZ rallying, speedway saloon cars and superstocks, hill climbing, rallysprinting and most other forms of motorsport since the early 1980’s. Robert has built, prepared and blueprinted numerous competition engines for off-road, rally/race vehicles and speedway cars and has built many trailers. He is a KartSport NZ Machine Examiner, Grade 4 Race Official and is the ex-President of KartSport Taranaki. To quote one of Robert’s motorsport heroes, the legendary Possum Bourne, “Motorsport is the most fun you can have with your pants on”.

Robert also has his private pilots license and started building a full scale replica WW1 Fokker DR1 triplane. With racing commitments taking priority, the Fokker has now been sold to a keen builder in Dairy Flat, Auckland.

Hannah Boniface - Team supporter

Hannah turns 20 on June 21 2020 (she shares her birthday with the future king of England!) and is a supporter of Thomas even though (by her own admission) she isn’t a huge fan of “things with noisy motors”. She is studying at the NZ Broadcasting School in Canterbury. In 2011 she was a Young Leader, librarian, carried out road patrol duties, sang in the Kapa Haka group and Welsh Choir, entered the “Busting to Busk” competition ran by More FM and played her flute at many events. In 2013 Hannah received her honours badge for commitment to school and outstanding achievements in the 4 medal categories...go Hannah!. In 2011 she, along with 5 other classmates, won a Taranaki competition by building an oil rig model and winning $5,000 for Woodleigh School. In Yr8 Hannah placed in the top 2% of Australasian students in a writing competition (why am I doing this then??) which earned her a “High Distinction” award. She was nominated for Highlands Head Girl and achieved a distinction in the Australasian Spelling competitions.

She was selected in 2012 and 2013 to play in the Taranaki Under 13 Hockey team at various tournaments, including the Nationals in Auckland in 2012 and Wellington in 2013, scoring goals at both tournaments! Hannah was awarded “Taranaki Senior Womens’ Hockey Player of the Year” in 2015, a very high honour and a reflection of her outstanding ability with a hockey stick, as well as being selected for the Taranaki U15 Representative hockey team. In late 2016 she played in the Taranaki Invitation Womens’ Hockey team in the curtain-raiser for the Black Sticks game AND scored the opening goal in their 2-0 defeat of the opposition! The NPGHS First XI recently won the Taranaki Hockey Federation Competition 2-1 over arch-rivals, Sacred Heart, with Hannah scoring the opening goal to set the team up for victory.

Hannah has consistently won her sections at various New Plymouth Music awards and has been awarded 2 scholarships to play flute. Her school rock band (DKD) won the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Smokefree Rock Quest.

Thomas had a successful stint in a Touring Car

Racing in the 2018/19 NZ Formula First Championship

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Racing at Laguna Seca Raceway in 2017

Racing at Blyton Park in the UK, 2017

Winning race 2 at Manfeild, 20 October 2019